Around the House

Well, you are learning a lot about me so I'll just keep it going.  Today's lesson, I am a mess.  I like to keep things clean, as in not filthy, but I have a hard time not being messy. I just can't seem to find a place for everything!  I like to think it is because we do not have enough space but that probably isn't true.  We have a three bedroom apartment with quite a lot of other space and a basement where we can store things.  Organization is a problem and on my sabbatical I have also been working on organizing and getting rid of things! However, I do not think my husband and I are the only problem.  My children cannot keep anything together.  Everything becomes a toy and gets moved around.  For example:

This morning the guitar was Moana's oar and got thrown onto the chair:


This box that I keep makeup in was emptied and used as some sort of phone:


A small doll went for a swim in the homemade jello we tried to make last night (it was not really edible but apparently made a great swimming pool):


"Beautiful" paintings drying on the radiator:


And of course mama still hasn't moved the apples from where they landed on Sunday:


How do people keep their houses clean??