Thoughts on the Gym

When I moved to Boston in 2008 I had just graduated from law school, had no job and was studying for the Oregon bar exam (that's a story for another day).  I was probably in the best shape of my life after living in Eugene and walking miles and miles every day in the woods.    There's a lot of free time when you are a 3L in law school.  I knew I needed to join a gym to keep myself sane while studying and luckily there was a woman's gym about 2 blocks from my apartment in Brookline.  I joined and was a member there until 2015 when my son was born, my credit card expired, and I ignored the gym's calls to give them a new one.  Oops!   I loved the classes the most and did step aerobics, bootcamp, a weight class and yoga almost every week.  I still gained about 15 pounds because nothing can combat all the baking and wine drinking I did back then but at least I was strong.  After I had Camille I had a hard time fitting classes in but I would still go to the elliptical and spend an hour reading a magazine or watching their TV.  A luxury when you have a baby. Flash forward to 2017 and the beginning of my sabbatical from work and I knew I needed to do something to get more exercise.  My old gym had just moved into a new space which invigorated me to join again.  So many things are still the same and I have been surprised at how comforting and familiar it is to be back there.  Most of the teachers are different so I am learning which ones I like and don't like.  On Friday mornings I noticed there was a Zumba class that you had to sign up for, which meant it was really popular.  I decided to give it a try and I was in love.  The teacher is a young man, obviously a dancer, with an insane amount of energy and a light that would make anyone happy.  After one class another class goer said, "this class is better than any drug to improve your mood," and I had to agree.  It was probably only my second Zumba class ever so I was way behind and flailing all over but at the end I was tired and happy.  Unfortunately, I go back to work tomorrow and will not be able to go to the Friday morning class anymore so I'm going to try out the 7pm Thursday class which I'm expecting will feel even more like a party.

In addition to Zumba I have tried some of their yoga classes including one with a teacher that said things like, "as you go into this pose, remember your destination is infinity..." with a completely straight face and what sounded like a fake accent.  Whoa boy.  Otherwise the class was good so I'll probably go back.

Since joining I am surprised at how much I actually look forward to going where I used to kind of dread the classes, even though I would always feel good afterwards.

Huh, I guess they were right about this working out thing. It does make you feel good!