2 I Have and 2 I Want

These posts will be about a couple things that I have and love (or hate) and a couple things I am coveting.

2 Things I Have 

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

Ok, this first one is expensive but it has been the only thing that has noticeably changed my skin.  I received the serum and the lotion as a birthday sample from Sephora and I was hooked.  It really makes your skin soft, smooth and helps with evening out the color.  Get a sample at Sephora or just buy it.   The lotion I used with it is Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet which I really like but I am still debating whether to buy the full size.  


Birkenstock Thong Sandal

I love my flip flops and will basically wear them anytime I can, rain, shine, cold, hot but this summer I ran into a problem.  First, the flip flops I bought last year are already falling apart and look terrible but also I started to get a pain in my foot after wearing them which told me that I am getting old (gah!) and that I needed new shoes.  I have seen these Birkenstocks around everywhere and one of my cooler friends had a pair so I decided these were the thongs for me. The first time I wore them I did not walk far but I found them incredibly painful.  Since this was my first pair of Birks I wasn't sure it the pain was normal.  I did know that I paid money for these shoes and I wanted them to work.  I tried a couple more times on short walks and by the third time the pain was gone and now I love them!  I got them in Onyx.  

2 Things I Want 

Madeleine Pan

My kids discovered the Starbucks madeleine cookies they have in the checkout and since then I've been wanting to make them at home.  While I'm not a huge fan of all the pumpkin flavored everything, I do think a pumpkin madeleine would be delicious.  I like these cookie/cakes because they are not too sweet, small enough that you do not feel gross if you have two, and light and fluffy.   

Print by Clare Elsaesser

I like almost all of them but here are a couple of my favorites.  


So Much




















I have been hearing about the Polar special flavors like Unicorn Kisses and Mermaid Song but had not seen them at the store.  I happened to see the Yeti Mischief flavor at Stop and Shop the other day and had to try it.  The can is really cute but I couldn't quite figure out the flavor.   I was secretly hoping it would taste woodsy, like a Christmas tree candle, because that would be funny (and gross).  However, I guess it tasted more like "Mischief" because I couldn't quite nail the flavor.  Maybe some vanilla?  Some mysterious "mixed berry."  

Polar Flavors