Fasting Update

So the 16:8 fast has really been awesome.   Since I don’t want to bore anybody in real life with the details of its awesomeness I’ll bore the virtual world!   

Just as a reminder, the 16:8 fast is when you don’t eat for 16 hours and then eat all your food within 8 hours.  The reality of that for me is that I don’t eat after dinner and then I don’t eat breakfast.  I usually eat lunch between noon and 1 so I try to stop eating by 8 pm.  

I think I started on September 16th and it is now December 11 so about 3 months.  I started at 173 and am now 162 so I’ve been losing about a pound a week!   This is absolutely unheard of for me!  

The first 3-4 weeks were hard but now it is pretty easy and I have a ton of energy in the mornings. 

I have been exercising more which I think helps but doesn’t explain all the weight loss.   I joined the gym again in August and have been slowing ramping up my exercise.  I usually do 3 cardio classes a week and if I miss a class I try to go running.  Almost all of my workouts are done while I am fasting.  At first I was really worried about getting too dizzy or tired if I workout without any food but now I’m used to it and find that it helps me in a couple of ways.   First of all I don’t have to think about timing meals and what I’m going to eat so I don’t feel sick blah blah blah.  I can just get up in the morning and go.    Sometimes I have coffee first  

Second, if I feel hungry or dizzy at all during a workout I just drink a ton of water and take really deep breaths and then I feel fine.  It’s just really changed my concept of food and fuel.  I used to think I needed all of this food to keep my body going and so I wouldn’t get low blood sugar and feel gross but now I realize that a lot of that was in my head and I can survive on much less which I suppose is what skinny people do! 

Finally, I really feel like I burn more fat if I workout while fasting.  Because there are no sugars or carbs I think I run on reserves.  There is not a lot of research that I could find on this but it logically makes sense and makes me feel good so I’m going with it.  

 Tips that have worked for me along the way 

  • Drink coffee. I usually have a splash of milk or cream but I’m trying to move towards black. 
  • Drink a lot of water.  Sparkling water if that’s your thing.   Plain, unflavored is best.   
  • I like to chew gum about an hour before lunch.  One because I feel like my breath is bad from all that coffee and is also makes me less hungry.   
  • Make sure your first meal (lunch for me) is not too big.  I like to get a big salad and eat half at lunchtime and the other half around 3 or 4.  If I eat something large like a sandwich I get a stomachache and usually really tired after lunch.   
  • Don’t overthink food otherwise.  I have always found with diets that if I have to do a lot of meal planning or calorie counting it just makes me hungrier.  With this one I just eat what I want between 12-8 and try not to eat a lot of junk.   
  • I still drink wine and I would probably have lost more if I didn’t but I’m happy with how things are going so I probably won’t stop having a glass or two with dinner.   Although, if I drink too much the next morning I am much hungrier and kind of miserable.  
  • Finally, stay busy in the morning.  Exercise, clean the house, plan meetings where the time will go quickly.   

Ok, fasting rant is over.   New book review coming soon.