7 Year Old Birthday

My first baby, Camille, turned 7 on the first day of spring.  I have always loved birthdays, especially my own, but now I enjoy my kid's birthdays even more.  Tantrums about not getting what they wanted and all.  Camille had very specific requests this year:  unicorn cake, a Barbie ballet set, a large Hatchimal and a wonder woman accessory set.  Oh, and a birthday party at the paint your own pottery place.  Now that I think about it, this really doesn't sound low maintenance but at least we had some goals to stick to. 

I somehow managed to get an hour and a half in the house by myself to decorate the cake the way I wanted to (without the help of little hands) and it turned out...ok.  



The ears are from some macarons I attempted to make over the weekend and shape into unicorn ears.  I made four of them and unfortunately signals were crossed and the best two ears were eaten.  Oh well.  

The large Hatchimal was achieved through a found Toys R Us gift card and the realization that their bankruptcy filing meant I better spend it soon.  Oh, and there are now unicorn Hatchimals so that worked out perfectly!


I also found a ballet outfit for her Our Generation doll which was also a hit.  Ok, technically it's a tap outfit but I thought it was cooler than the ballet one. 

She was very happy with all of her gifts and will hopefully love her birthday party on Sunday!