Now for my birthday

My birthday is exactly two weeks after Camille's and almost as exciting.  Just kidding, no one cares about an old lady turning 37.  I'm still going to try to get presents out of it though.  My wish list this year is as random as always.  

A new tent for camping this summer.  We went camping a few times since living in Boston but always with some friends that had most of the gear.  Well now those friends have moved away so we either need to find new gear nerd friends or buy our own.  Either way, we also need a tent that actually fits our family of four.  Here are some options I like:


Obviously I need the tent to be hugemongous.  

Other wish list items this year are a new cross body bag for spring and some new casual sneakers.  What do we think of these?  


Ok, maybe the rose gold is a bit much...

I also need some slip ons for our trip to Barbados in May.  I like these Toms. 

I also want an eye cream that takes away all of my wrinkles, some 15 pound weights and a smoothie bottle.  Of course, these are all things I could just go out and buy myself but it's fun to get presents.  

We have a babysitter for the day after my birthday so I'm hoping we'll find an awesome restaurant for dinner.  It's been a long time since we've been out for a nice dinner and I'm really looking forward to some good food.