Self-help me

Oy.   I am falling down a self-help hole of confusion.   The last 6 months I’ve been (probably overly) concerned with diet and exercise and now I’m ready to work on my brain.   

Should I meditate?  

Should I go The Artist’s Way?  

Should i hygge?  

Is there only ONE thing?  

Maybe I should just go to a hypnotist...  

I should probably be reading parenting books instead... 


I have recently made some changes in my career so I think my brain is in overdrive trying to figure out what is next and how to live a fulfilling life.  So I will be reviewing some self-help books here.  I recently read The One Thing and found it helpful although since I’m such a fast reader I usually miss a lot so I think I should read it again.   Now I’m reading This Naked Mind which is trying to convince me to give up wine.  I’m also reading The Poisonwood Bible for my book club and really enjoying it.    

Look forward to some book reviews soon!