Cleaner Judgment

Our biweekly housecleaner recently passed on some serious judgment via text.  She asked if we wanted her to come every week because it has been taking her longer to get the house ready to clean.  Um, isn't that part of cleaning?  

Anybody with a housecleaner knows that you feel compelled to pre-clean before the cleaners come.  Pick things up off the floor, put things back in drawers etc.  Unfortunately ours come on a Wednesday which is our busiest morning.  I go to an exercise class from 6-7, then we all drive together because I have to be at work early on Wednesdays so Frenchie gives me a ride.  I try to pick up but there usually just isn't time.  

I'm not sure how to respond to the cleaner?  Is she trying to get me to pay more?  I hate to admit it but I don't think having her come every week will really help.  Hopefully with me taking a break from work I can try to organize the house better so it's easier to clean.  We'll see.  

Now it's Saturday morning at 7 and I have to clean up from last night because I fell asleep with the kids and didn't clean up after dinner (not sure what Frenchie's excuse is).  Then we'll make breakfast and I'll have to clean up again.  Then the kids will play and a new mess will be waiting for me.  Oh...then dinner!  It's never ending!!!