Trying Again

I really want a blog. I want a place to keep my recipes and share things that I like. I’m not sure why I have trouble keeping up with it but I just watched a motivational video about screwing yourself over. Or, rather, not screwing yourself over! It all starts with actually doing things instead of just thinking about doing things. Wow, brilliant insight. Not really but I guess it did inspire me a little.

I’ve been working from home for over a year now and I have gained some bad habits. Here’s a list:

  • watching the today show (mindnumbingly dumb)

  • grocery shopping daily (bad for the wallet)

  • snacking on anything with sugar (sugar is so good)

Some good habits are:

  • exercising a lot

  • spending more qt with the kids

  • being on top of the laundry

Overall it’s been really great and relaxing but I unfortunately I’m getting too comfortable. I’m avoiding social situations and feeling like I have nothing to say in conversations. Yuck. Time to find something to do! Maybe it will be this blog, maybe it will be a job in public health, maybe I’ll take the GRE and get a masters degree. So many options!!!!